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Virtual Summit Programme

All Timings Singapore Standard Time (SST)
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Opening of the Summit


Australia Spotlight Session: Australia Leading Global Hydrogen Developments

Australia is a global leader in hydrogen developments with several projects planned and under development across the country. This session will hear Australian Government’s latest announcements and developments in projects revolutionising Australia’s hydrogen landscape, including:
• Gladstone Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant, QLD
• Redlands Renewable Hydrogen Plant, QLD
• Central Queensland Hydrogen Manufacturing Facility, QLD
• Crystal Brook Energy Park, SA
• Hydrogen Park (HyP SA), SA
• Port Lincoln Green Hydrogen Plant, SA
• Origin Energy Export Scale Green Hydrogen, TAS
• Abel Energy Green Hydrogen, TAS
• Grange Resources Renewable Hydrogen Project, TAS


Session 1: Global Hydrogen Leaders: APAC Hydrogen Investments, Projects and Commercial Opportunities

  • Policy and Investment Considerations in APAC
  • Regulations for Hydrogen Imports
  • Terms of Investment in Hydrogen projects
  • The future of Hydrogen as a commodity
  • Maximising returns and mitigating risks
  • Infrastructure and demand developments in Rotterdam and NW Europe: Links with APAC hydrogen projects and opportunities

Morning Coffee Break


Session 2: Inter Regional Hydrogen Trade: APAC Driving Forward Hydrogen Supply Chains

  • What are the international stakes in Hydrogen for the decade? APAC Hydrogen outlook
  • Global hydrogen supply chains: the role of Asia’s stakeholders in supply chain integration and development
  • Identifying missing links and accountability in the global value chain for hydrogen
  • Hydrogen transportation: pipeline, road, aviation and maritime.
  • Japan, China, Korea– trade policies on hydrogen production and distribution
  • Distribution routes, economics and timescales

Session 3: The 2022 Electrolysis Market: Technological Updates & Lowering Costs

  • Bigger scales & lower costs in APAC green hydrogen markets
  • Industry bespoke electrolysis technologies for differing applications.
  • How will technology advancements lower costs in hydrogen production?
  • Latest insights and knowledge from electrolysis in practice

Session 4: Integrating Hydrogen’s Global Supply Chains: Middle East Hydrogen Exporters Meeting Asian Energy Buyers

  • The role of the Middle East in driving forward hydrogen global supply chains
  • Middle East hydrogen producers meeting Asian partners to boost hydrogen development supply chain
  • Asian hydrogen buyers’ leaders: opportunities for Middle East Hydrogen exports
  • Pinpointing the opportunities for ME hydrogen in Asia: projects and timelines
  • The Middle East crucial role in Asia’s energy demand security and green energy imports

Session 5: Hydrogen Infrastructure Development & Retrofitting

  • Transforming and refitting the current infrastructure to a hydrogen led future
  • Mapping out the current and future Middle East Infrastructure and linkage to the onwards supply chain
  • Maritime Transportation and linkages between Middle East and Asia regions
  • Costs, timescales, projects and plans for hydrogen infrastructure: a colossal task or opportunities to be grasped?
  • Financing hydrogen infrastructure developments & investments
  • Readapting oil and gas networks into hydrogen: Europe’s experiences and plans

End of Summit Day 1

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


Ministerial Keynote Speeches

Hydrogen Exports to Asia: Chile Partnering and Collaborating with APAC


Session 6: Scaling up APAC’s Largest Green Hydrogen Projects

  • The latest announcements in hydrogen pilot projects
  • Offshore, floating and onshore wind and Hydrogen case studies: projects, timescales and latest advancements
  • Case studies & leadership exemplars
  • Best practice insights from hydrogen pioneers
  • APAC leading offshore wind developments towards green hydrogen

Session 7: Capitalising on Gas Infrastructure as Part of the Energy Transition

  • Opportunities for innovation for the gas industry
  • CCUS: monetising carbon capture and improving hydrogen production.
  • Established gas markets as a decarbonising stepping stone
  • Financing hydrogen’s production, transport and infrastructure projects
  • Infrastructure & logistic considerations

Networking Coffee Break


Session 8: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Outlooks – The Most Viable Mobility Solutions in the Next Decade

  • Hydrogen solutions for hard to abate transport
  • Latest in fuel cell technologies for the heavy mobility industry
  • Mitigating structural challenges with innovation
  • Cross-sectoral integration and knowledge sharing
  • Knowledge sharing across hard to abate mobility
  • Leading fuel cell technology projects in APAC
  • Decarbonising existing transport infrastructure

Session 9: Blue Hydrogen & CCUS Potential in the Middle East & APAC Regions

  • How will blue hydrogen support natural gas extraction, transport, processing and the CCUS industry?
  • What are the requirements for green hydrogen? Would cheap electrolysers facilitate new investments in renewables?
  • The opportunities for blue hydrogen commerciality? A transition fuel or a must in the energy mix?
  • Transforming from a carbon-based economy to a diversified economy
  • Cost reduction through the development of industrial hubs with shared CO2 transport and storage infrastructure
  • Government’s role in carbon pricing, incentives and government support for large-scale adoption roadmap
  • Placing CCUS as a key component of the energy mi

End of Summit Day 2

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


Session 10: APAC’s Port & Hydrogen Maritime Opportunities: Moving Hydrogen Along the Global Supply Chains

  • Public-private partnerships fostering hydrogen advancements in the maritime and transport sectors
  • Building sustainable energy hubs: the ports of the future
  • Green methanol and green ammonia: opportunities and long term perspectives
  • Liquid hydrogen: is hydrogen going to replicate the LNG economy?
  • E-Green LNG carbon-neutral cargoes: opportunities and challenges
  • Decarbonising the maritime sector: the role of clean hydrogen

Session 11: APAC’s Next Generation of Hydrogen Projects: Finance, Regulations & Policies

  • Financing hydrogen’s major projects in Asia
  • Ensuring hydrogen projects are bankable and commercially sound
  • Supporting hydrogen financially: latest announcements from banks & APAC private equity
  • Hydrogen regulations & policies
  • De-risking hydrogen project investments: the role of APAC financial institutions

Morning Coffee Break


Session 12: Excellence in Heavy Industry Innovation & Decarbonisation

  • Laying the foundations for lower emissions in processing and manufacturing
  • Implications for industrial economies in APAC
  • Cement, green steel, agriculture
  • Value chain timescales and economics to achieve heavy industry’s emissions targets
  • Decarbonising key economic sectors: commercial and green opportunities for advancement

Session 13: Hydrogen Opportunities in APAC’s Emerging Markets

  • Major Asian hydrogen offtakers: opportunities for global hydrogen trade
  • Meeting requirements of hydrogen importing economies of the future
  • Geographic & economic considerations in finding ideal locations for hydrogen
  • The countries with underrated energy potentials in a new energy world

Closing Remarks and Farewell

What Attendees Say About SEC Hydrogen Events


Nurul Akmal Jaafar
Chemical Engineer, Elquator Holding Berhad

“It was a great event, lot of H2/FC developments in the APAC region.”

Naveed Akhtar
CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy

“I enjoyed many of the sessions because this is new information for me.”

Armando Guerrero
MD, Petron Asia Energy

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